Play to Learn

We create learning spaces that children want to keep coming back to. Our latest project in conjunction with SuperPark houses 7 cool learning activities with digital feedback. The space is known as The Learning Forest and invites parents to work alongside their children, while building important future skills and enjoying human connection.

Recently, The Learning Forest has been certified by Kokoa’s pedagogical assessment team. “Kokoa Education Standard is a detailed EdTech quality verification based on Finnish pedagogical knowledge and engaging learning model. The evaluation measures the solution’s educational quality and finds out how effectively it supports learning.”


The Gallery

The Kokoa Report Said:

"The Learning Forest provides simple activities that help kids to rehearse basic cognitive and thinking skills, computational thinking and basics of counting. Activities are simple and kids can do them on their own, without much help from adults."

"The Learning Forest visuals and elements are inspired by the Finnish forest. All in all, the elements blend well, and the lighting creates a calm and atmospheric environment. The whole experience is very immersive and visually pleasing."